Dog Obedience Training – Few Killer Tips

Dog Obedience Training – Few Killer Tips

Oct 24, 2021

When it comes to dog obedience training, it is vital that you treat with a gentle and loving hand. Yelling at your dog and striking him is the quickest way to tear down your dog’s loyalty, but being loving and gentle is the best way to ensure that your dog obedience training works properly. You can start giving your dog obedience training from the minute he is born, and you can be certain that this training will come in handy as the dog gets older.

Your dog is genetically predisposed to follow a leader, and you need to be that leader. The leader is the one that provides for the dog, who feeds and cares for him, and who protects him. You need to give your dog plenty of love while still establishing firmly in his mind that you are the leader and that you are to be obeyed.

If you can assert yourself as the lead dog, your command to stop will be instantly obeyed. If you don’t train your dog to obey, then he will begin to believe that there is no order to things. A dog that has not had obedience training will usually get into the trash, attack other dogs, and be a general nuisance. As you can see, giving your dog obedience training is vital.

Dog Obedience Training – Useful Tips

  • Always reinforce his good behavior positively, as dogs respond to positive reinforcement much better than punishment.
  • Use the right methods to correct your dog, and avoid yelling or striking your dog. Look up the right methods of disciplining your dog in a way he can understand.
  • Never ignore the behavior of your dog, regardless of whether it is good or bad. Your dog needs to be praised or punished, but never ignored. Ignoring behavior causes confusion, and you could undermine all of your dog obedience training by ignoring either right or wrong behavior.
  • Only correct the dog when he has done something wrong at the precise moment in which you are talking to him. Dogs have notoriously short memories, and even letting 5 minutes pass could be enough to enable your dog to forget his bad behavior.
  • Keep things simple. Start out with small commands, and only move on to more complex ones once the dog obedience training of the simple ones have taken firm root.
  • Giving your dog obedience training should be something that you do every day, and you should incorporate your obedience into everything you do.
  • Always make sure to use the same commands, as every new command will confuse the dog’s mind until you teach him what they mean.

Dog Obedience Training – Things to Remember

The one who is the leader should be the one training the dog, as the leader is the one that gives the commands. If you begin the training, then you need to see it through until the end. Having too many people training a dog will usually result in a confused dog that doesn’t understand what the variety of commands from every member of the house means.


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